Frequently Asked Questions

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Business Listings

  • Click on the top navigation ‘Join Now / Sign In’.
  • Click on ‘Not a member? Sign up’.
  • Once you’re registered, you will receive an email with your login credentials and then be able to log in to your SA Builders Hub account to add a business listing/ browse business listings.
  • Increase leads that you can follow up and generate sales from.
  • Increase your online presence which today, is considered an indispensable commodity.
  • Allow thousands of potential customers, that make use the directory monthly, to find you.
  • Use the directory to drive sales.

Prior to Adding A Business Listing, You Are Required To Register/ Login:

  • Click here to navigate to the ‘Login’ page.
  • If you haven’t registered yet, click here to navigate to the ‘Registration’ page.
  • You will receive an email that contains your login credentials.
  • After logging in, click on ‘Add Business’ in the Top Right Menu.
  • You can add an unlimited number of different listings to the Directory.

Add Your Business Listing:

  • After clicking on ‘Add Business’, you will be redirected to another page.
  • You can now fill in the details for your listing.
  • Upload your Company Logo.
  • Accept the ‘Terms of Use’.
    (You are not permitted to add listings on behalf of businesses that you do not present, own or manage).
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Your listing will now be ‘Pending for Approval’.
  • One of our Administrators will review your listing and decide whether it passes the SA Business Hub’s Directory standards to approve or reject your listing.
  • By complying to the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and following the instructions listed above, your business listing will be approved.
  • To add more business listings to the Directory, simply repeat the above-mentioned steps.

Search by Entering a Keyword

To find a business in the directory, type in the name of the business, the product you are interested in or any keywords associated with the term you are looking for into the search box on the website.

Browse by Category & Filter by Province

You can browse through the categories and filter it by province.

Browse by Alphabet & Filter by Province

Alternatively, you can navigate to the business you are looking for by clicking on the associated letter in the ‘Business Directory’ at the bottom of each page on the website. You can also filter by province

  • Click here to navigate to the login page.
  • Log in by using your account details.
  • On the ‘My Profile’ page, click on the edit link below the business listing you would like to edit.

You can add as many businesses as you like.

There is no restriction on the amount of businesses you can add to your account.

  • Click here to navigate to the ‘Request New Password’ page.
  • Enter your username or email address.
  • Click on ‘Email New Password’ to receive an email with your login credentials.
  • Once received, you can log in and add/edit your business listing(s).

Yes, we can add a listing on behalf of professionals or businesses, upon request.

Billing and Subscriptions

The business directory is free and offers a range of alternative paid pricing plans, each complete with its own set of features and benefits.

Yes, you may upgrade your listing at any time, which includes the following options:

  • Extend your business listing
  • Purchase additional categories
  • Add geographical features
  • Add descriptions, logos or additional business locations

You will receive an email before your listing expires, giving you the opportunity to renew your listing or log in and extend your listing at any time.

Listing subscriptions can be canceled by contacting SA Business Hub (Pty) Ltd. On the dashboard, underneath the ‘My Subscriptions’ tab, an available list of all your active subscriptions will be displayed. To cancel your subscription, you can contact us by email or contact us by sending us a message to our Admin Panel, where we will cancel it directly for you.

Upon canceling your paid subscription, SA Builders Hub will not refund you, unless you have been billed after canceling your subscription. Should you have any inquiries, contact SA Builders Hub here.

Jobs Listings

The business directory is free and offers a range of paid pricing plans. With the paid plans package, you can list jobs.

Upon request and sending us the necessary information, SA Builders Hub can add job listings on behalf of professionals an businesses.

The number of jobs you can post on behalf of your business is unlimited for all packages.

By logging in to your account and uploading your resume as a professional, you can browse through SA Builders Hub’s Job Directory and apply for jobs on our website.

Once you are logged in to your professional personal profile, you can upload your resume to your profile. By doing this, you can easily apply for jobs on the SA Builders Hub website, which are listed by South African registered businesses.


SA Builders Hub’s business directory is free and alternatively, offers a range of paid pricing plans to suit your preference.

Yes, SA Builders Hub can be contacted by email, telephone or our Admin Panel, to assist you with all your advertising preferences.

  • The Bronze Package is free, offers various features and doesn’t include any business listing options.
  • The Silver Package offers additional features and doesn’t include any business listing options.
  • The Gold Package includes a maximum of two South African registered business listings.
  • The Platinum Package includes a maximum of five South African registered business listings.

The number of jobs you can post on behalf of your business is unlimited for all packages.


Log in to your dashboard. On the left, you will see a review section where you can answer and manage reviews on your business listing.

When reviews are submitted on business listings, they are reviewed by SA Builders Hub, which will additionally, inform the business about the review written on their business listing. If the review is rejected by the business, its pending request to be submitted will be removed immediately.

Once an SA Builders Hub user posts a review on a business listing, we will be directly informed and follow by informing the business of the review. Once the business has reviewed the user’s review, they can decide whether they would like to accept or reject it. Should they choose to reject the review, SA Builders Hub will remove the pending request immediately.

You can add a review at the bottom of the business listing/ advertisement. Once you are finished writing a review, you can publish it. SA Builders Hub will then take 24-48 hours to either accept or reject your review request. When posting a review, the relevant business will be informed. Unless your review is written professionally or serves a constructive purpose, it will be rejected by SA Builders Hub.

To check the pending status of your review, you can log in to your SA Builders Hub account, go to your profile and check whether your review(s) has been accepted or rejected.

Dashboard and Statistics

Statistics can be checked on your profile upon logging in to your SA Builders Hub account.

You can locate your dashboard by moving your cursor to your name (profile), in the top right corner of the Home page, where you will find the ‘Dashboard’ option. By clicking on the ‘Dashboard’ option, you will be redirected to your profile where you can update your personal details, check your inbox for messages, check whether your reviews have been accepted or rejected/ has received any responses and finally, check your statistics.

Projects and Networking

If you’re interested in a business’ products or services, you can get in touch with them by sending them a private message on their business profile. If you prefer contacting them by email or telephone, you can check their contact details on their business profile and contact them off of the SA Builders Hub site.

Please note that all businesses listed on SA Builders Hub, are registered in South Africa and has been reviewed prior to being accepted on SA Builders Hub.

Since all businesses registered on SA Builders Hub are registered and have been reviewed prior to being accepted to list their business on SA Builders Hub, you can rest assured that you’re communicating with professionals. Should you experience any instance of inconvenience while networking with a professional/ business on our site, you can launch a complaint by contacting SA Builders Hub here.

General Support and Miscellaneous

Yes, SA Builders Hub is available on all Android mobile smartphones and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

The SA Builders Hub application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded only on Android mobile smartphones. The app will only be available on IOS devices in the future.

Yes, SA Builders Hub will have tenders.

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