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28 October

South Africa Considered a Leader in the Global Green Building Sector All over the world, green building is considered the latest and most lucrative trend in construction. Thinking about how much damage the construction industry inflicts on the environment, as well as various elements occurring as a result thereof contributing to an even worsened state […]

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25 October

The Construction Industry’s Massive Contribution to the Global Sand Shortage The shortage of the world’s most important natural resource, clean drinkable freshwater, has got the entire world in a roar. In fact, the water shortage crisis has even reached South Africa, or more particularly, the Western Cape between the period of 2016 and 2018. Luckily […]

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22 October

The ROSE Foundation on Managing Used Oil in the Construction Industry The ROSE Foundation, which stands for Recycling Oil Saves the Environment, serves as a non-profit organization in South Africa, that promotes sustainability and encourages the environmental-friendly management of oils and other waste in the country. The organization is funded by very big stakeholders from […]

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18 October

How Should Used Oil be Managed on Construction Sites The Waste Act is an entity that is responsible for adjusting the law according to how waste management should be dealt with. These laws are implemented and checked by the Waste Act, to protect the environment by simply providing proper measures in the attempt to prevent […]

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02 October

A Goal for the Building Sector to Reach Zero Carbon Emissions within the Next Three Decades It’s no secret that the entire world needs to work on reducing their carbon footprint. The construction industry in particular, is just one industry that needs to pay a lot more attention to becoming more sustainable. At the tenth […]

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12 September

Renewable Energy for the Future of South Africa The type of energy used by residents in South Africa has a major effect on the environment and the efficiency of how operations are managed. The construction industry has been a culprit by inflicting damage to the environment. With that being said, there’s always a question being […]

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04 June

How to Stay Safe on a Construction Site During a Rainy Season The safety of construction workers is utterly imperative every single day. Construction professionals should especially, take added caution during periods of extreme weather. Take rain or thunderstorms, for instance. The same activity that is allowed to be performed on a daily basis doesn’t […]

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