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19 November

Architecture: How to Improve in Your Role Architecture can be both a challenging and exciting career, which could allow one to travel the world and open a window to endless opportunities. Even though it can an enjoyable and creative career, it takes a lot of work to get to the point of being good at […]

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17 October

South Africa’s Construction Industry Reaches Extremely High Retrenchment Numbers Causing Major Concern With a 29% unemployment rate in the country, of which the construction and mining sectors form two of the biggest contributors and still continues to increase, a lot of uncertainty remains for professionals. Although there is a lot of potential in the sector, […]

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02 October

Job Losses Contributing to Worsened Problems in South Africa, Causing Strain on the Construction and Manufacturing Industries In 2019, South Africa has experienced some of the worst unemployment rates in its history. On a global scale, the country has even ranked among the top ten countries with the highest unemployment rate in the world. This […]

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26 September

30,000 Jobs in Construction Lost in the Last Year It’s difficult to accept the numbers, 300,000 construction professionals that have lost their jobs in as little as one year. Numbers released by the Statistics of South Africa, displayed a major loss in jobs during the last year, but particularly in the past few months. In […]

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12 September

How Digital Technology will Unlock 1.2 Million New Jobs in the South African Construction Industry Despite a few sparks of negativity occurring in the country in 2019, digitization and automation are predicted to drive South Africa forward by solving one of the country’s biggest problems. The construction industry will have a massive impact on restoring […]

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16 August

South Africa’s Increased Demand for Engineers – Why Some of the Best Engineers are Leaving the Country The year 2019 doesn’t present a good year in the South African economy. There are many contributing factors that one could blame, including the current status of many different sectors in the country, particularly the political sector, which […]

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21 June

What’s it Like to Be a Construction Worker? When the term ‘construction work’ is mentioned, the first thing that enters our mind is a lot of work. Construction workers have a list of duties that wasn’t tailored for just any type of individual. It involves a great deal of physical labor and putting in many […]

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27 April

Improved Economical and Political Sectors to Aid in the Growth of the Construction Industry The South African construction industry seems to be improving slowly, however, it’s still in a recovery phase, growing with an impressive 3.8% in 2018. Although this number seems a bit low, it’s still very good considering that the construction industry growth […]

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06 April

What is the Role of a Construction Project Engineer? A construction project engineer plays a vital role in the design and planning progress of a new construction project. These individuals are very skilled, and their primary focus revolves around planning and executing their vision for everything they picture the final product of a construction project […]

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