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30 April

Since South Africa is considered as a country that lacks a stable construction industry, experts are raising the question as to why this is the case. After analyzing the industry, including its wins and losses over the past few decades, the conclusion why it’s doing so poor in comparison to other countries’ construction industries, which […]

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27 April

Improved Economical and Political Sectors to Aid in the Growth of the Construction Industry The South African construction industry seems to be improving slowly, however, it’s still in a recovery phase, growing with an impressive 3.8% in 2018. Although this number seems a bit low, it’s still very good considering that the construction industry growth […]

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26 April

White River Crossing Development: The Completion of the First Phase The White River Crossing development was designed to be a lux retail and leisure facility and is situated close to the Kruger National Park. The development was specifically placed in this location, due to the stream of residents and tourists that visit the park during […]

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23 April

The Thembisa Mall Development to Start in April 2019 The Thembisa Mall development has finally commenced in April 2019, after plans have been curated to expand the mall in 2018. Pre-drilling has taken place thus far, in order to assess how the development’s progress will continue going forward. The mall, which is already 42 889sqm, […]

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15 April

Group Five’s Bankruptcy is Shedding Light on the Condition of the Construction Sector in SA The construction industry in South Africa was thought to be dead merely a minute ago, with the Group Five construction firm filing bankruptcy in March of 2019. The well-known firm has filed bankruptcy due to the construction sector growing weak, […]

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12 April

The New R1.2 Billion Mall in Pretoria The Capital Mall, worth R12 billion, was set in place in 2018 to be built by the City of Tshwane which is said to be a mixed-used development to attract both residents and tourists. Currently, under construction, the mall, with two floors, includes a 150-bed private hospital, affordable […]

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07 April

A Big Development Replacing Ratanga Junction Theme Park in Cape Town With people rushing to the famous theme park, Ratanga Junction, in the past every chance they got, it’s very difficult to believe that all of the excitement has subsided, with the park closing its doors on the 1st of May 2018. While the theme […]

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