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15 November

3 Tips to Help Startup Contractors Survive a Competitive Construction Market Small companies have always received the short end of the stick, as they are usually inexperienced or don’t have the financial means to support themselves. It can be overwhelming for small-scale and startup companies, as their main goal is merely to survive and pay […]

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12 November

Government Urges ArcelorMittal to Sell Langebaan Steel Operation Instead of Shutting it Down ArcelorMittal has plans to close their steel plant in Saldanha, but instead, have been urged by the government to sell it to prevent damage inflicted on South Africa’s industrial capacity. The government is also cautious about decisions made in major corporations that […]

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22 September

3 Things Accountants Advise Construction Companies to Buy Nearing the year 2020, it’s almost impossible to not adopt some version of digitalization in one’s company. While digital marketing remains a must in every company, the upgrade of technology, particularly to improve management in a company, has never been more important then it is now. Whether […]

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19 September

Why South African Companies are Investing in the Economy Local companies have shied away from investing in the South African economy, and haven’t invested in nearly three years. In August and September, the economy has grown for the very first time since 2017. One explanation for their investments, are because of IPP projects finally commencing […]

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15 September

Why Tax Needs to be Simplified in South Africa If you own a company, or are an independent professional working for yourself,  than you may know how difficult it is to file your tax. It’s easier when you work for a company, as they do all the paperwork and processing of your tax documentation for […]

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12 September

4 Tips for Reducing Costs in Your Construction Business Every construction company owner is well aware that running a construction firm isn’t cheap whatsoever. It comes with a lot of expenses, and even though owning a construction company offers you a great opportunity to grow and evolve in the construction industry, which surely promises plenty […]

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11 September

Tax – Avoid Running Into Trouble with SARS You didn’t do your tax return this year or you don’t know how to do it correctly to begin with. Well, while you are panicking at the thought of what to do next or how to approach SARS, the voluntary disclosure program will surely interest you. The […]

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10 September

The Basics of Company Tax If you’re a company owner or by any means self-employed in South Africa, then it is compulsory for you to pay your company tax. The quantity of tax you will be liable to pay and the total deductions you’re allowed to claim will solely depend on the type of business […]

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