Benefits for Construction Companies

Discover unlimited listings, including construction categories, projects, and tenders before your competitors do

Access to the SA Builder’s Hub business directory allows construction businesses and professionals the opportunity to discover more than a thousand different categories in the construction industry, and gain access to projects and tenders both locally in South Africa, and abroad. The platform assists you as a user by helping you gain exposure to projects, connect with professionals and find potential organizations to fund projects.

Receive advertising slots for your business and reach a global market

By registering your company on SA Builders Hub, you can complete your online business profile, and advertise your expertise, products, and services, to gain the attention of customers. You can additionally, reach professionals that will aid in your business’s growth by forming connections on our website’s secure messaging platform.

Find professionals and companies, and network on the largest construction business platform, where you can gain exposure to 1000’s of customers

SA Builders Hub will provide you with access to a platform of countless customers, all of which are interested in what your business has to offer. This will benefit you by helping your business  gain traction, remain consistent, and increase your profitability and success online.

Be the first to gain access to deals, announcements and special offers

Businesses and professionals will receive the latest news in construction, gain access to exclusive offers on the builder’s directory, and maintain an advantage over competitors by staying informed about the construction industry, aiding in your relevancy in the construction industry.

Create a professional business profile to list your business details and services, advertise and review vacancies, and provide constructive feedback on business reviews

By creating a profile for your business on SA Builders Hub, you can list all your business details, products, and services, while gaining exposure to 1000s of potential customers daily. This will provide you with the opportunity to connect with both national and international businesses, allowing customers to find and connect with you fast, and redirect them to your website or social media platforms.

Advertising and reviewing vacancies on SA Builders Hub could add to your business’s efficiency, as the website serves as a recruitment platform where businesses can easily connect with potential candidates about jobs and provide them with feedback. Businesses can also respond to business reviews, which may be submitted from customers online.

Benefits for Employers

List jobs on behalf of your company

Advertise jobs on your company page as job listings, which will be displayed to countless potential candidates in the field you’re advertising for.

Connect with potential candidates on our direct messaging platform

SA Builders Hub has an integrated direct messaging platform that allows you to connect and liaise with potential candidates directly, and arrange interviews easily.

Review resumes from professionals in 900+ categories/ fields

View resumes from applicants, which includes over 900 categories and fields, all of which make use of our easy-in-apply online feature.

Receive notifications to connect with potential candidates and find employees faster

When a new candidate list themselves as a professional that is seeking a specific job and upload their resume, you will be notified immediately, to connect with your potential candidate.

Benefits for Recruitment Agencies

Find potential candidates that match specific job descriptions

Discover countless potential candidates that meet the criteria of your client’s job description without having to conduct extensive research to find them.

Review resumes and contact candidates directly

View resumes on the SA Builders Hub platform by searching for candidates listed and categorized under their profession.

Match job candidates with employers on one platform and receive hints about new candidates on our website

Simplify the recruitment process by connecting to job candidates with employers easily without leaving our website. Recruitment agencies will also receive updates via e-mail about new professionals listing their portfolios on SA Builders Hub’s website.

Reach more potential customers and businesses today!

List your construction business listing with SA Builders Hub today to gain access to professionals, builders and suppliers.