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About Us

About Us


SA Builders Hub is a business directory website that serves as the home for all South African construction companies.

The company was started by two aspiring and passionate entrepreneurs, Lawrence Carelse and Strini Pillay, in Cape Town, South Africa. These two individuals had a vision for creating a platform that brings the entire South African construction industry together to one place and allows for the opportunity to display an essential communicative platform that not only ignites and supports opportunities within the industry, but also allows for the sharing of ideas and the formation of connections, both nationally and internationally.

As two proud business owners, we have successfully managed to fill a major gap in the construction market, to host and connect all lines of construction and related expertise, businesses, professionals and investors, together.

The purpose of this construction builders-hub is to support the growth of the South African construction market as a whole and provide all the necessary information, to effectively advertise and connect you as a professional to the entire industry.

Keeping in mind that South Africa has only tapped into technological advancements during the mere past few years, has also showcased the lack of connection in the industry on the biggest communication platform, the internet, which today, is required for the industry to thrive among competitors both nationally and abroad.

SA Builders Hub thus solves a greater mediation issue and stands by to support the growth of the country’s construction industry.

The SA Builders Hub business directory website presents construction businesses with 4 individual comprehensive listing pricing plans, all of which are suited for small-scale to large-scale businesses.

Our aim is to evolve into the home of everything that is related to the construction industry, including the latest news and updates in construction, business and advertisement listings, job listings and much more. This platform will allow all companies to network projects effectively and also allow the public a platform to retrieve contact information of construction professionals, including builders, contractors, plumbers, electricians, hardware stores, etc.

As a construction professional, SA Builders Hub provides you with all the necessary information for all your building needs.



Our Vision

As a South African construction directory, our vision is to be the number one information platform that provides construction professionals, businesses and investors the opportunity to learn more and remain up to date with the local and global construction sector. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest trends in the construction industry to remain relevant in the construction market and most importantly, connect with one another on a single platform where communication is made simple, ultimately creating more opportunities for professionals, businesses, investors and the entire industry.


Our Mission

  • Assisting and advertising construction professionals and businesses in all the South African provinces.
  • Aiding and supporting construction projects and company networking, ultimately creating new connections between professionals in the industry, which will allow for more opportunities.
  • Supporting and providing a platform for construction company jobs listings, with the means to connect potential employees to employers.
  • Assisting the public in discovering countless construction companies that are best suited for specific construction services/ projects.


We plan to add more features to SA Builders Hub.


Our passion is all things construction in South Africa.


We care about all of our listed customers.


We give support to all of our listed customers.

Reach more potential customers and businesses today!

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